Twilight at Hosur road ?

More than sunrise, I like to click the skies at evening… especially when the sun is not set fully.
I think the diffusion of sunlight through the atmosphere and dust gives surroundings a feel of life and completeness compared to when it is totally dark and the contours of silhouettes represent mere outlines.
What do you say?

And somehow I always get an opportunity to click … so what if it is from a moving vehicle. 😀

Though I have been to Bangalore 2-3 times, I am not familiar with roads or landmarks; main reason being my travelling in hired cars & cabs. Thus my query…. Is it Hosur road bridge?

On way to old Bangalore airport.

For more pictures of skies around the world check at Skywatch Friday.

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18 thoughts on “Twilight at Hosur road ?

  1. Ewok,
    Welcome again. 😀

    Since I didn’t have to approve your comment as in first timer’s case, you have been here earlier too. 😀

    Yes, I play off & on.

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