Murals at Udaipur Palace

Picture of the moment: Murals at Udaipur Palace
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The internal walls of Udaipur Palace are adorned with beautiful murals. The colors are vibrant and each painting is very detailed. The paintings on different walls narrate different stories.

Mural at Udaipur palace

Maharaja leading the way on an elephant. Did you notice the Sun on the cloth?

Mural at Udaipur palace

Behind the king is the queen in a palanquin and some ladies carrying goodies & garlands.

Mural at Udaipur palace

Another one. I am sorry, I forgot to move my bag, camera case etc. from the frame. 😀

Location: Udaipur Palace, Udaipur.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. It’s nice to appreciate different types and styles of Murals in different countries.

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