Indian Soldiers at Wagah border

Picture of the moment: Indian Soldiers at Wagah border
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The international border between India and Pakistan is called Wagah border. Hundreds of people from both sides come here to watch the beating retreat ceremony everyday.
This shot was captured during one of these sessions.

Soldiers marching at Wagah border

Soldiers at Wagah border

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12 thoughts on “Indian Soldiers at Wagah border”

  1. I Have been there and its an amazing feeling witnessing the daily evening rituals there. Giving me goosebumps even as I write this.
    Have a fabulous week ahead Nisha:)

  2. I went there as a kid – and it was a mindblowing experience. But I’ve heard that over the years, they’ve made it a lot more ‘fake’ patriotic and the feeling of friendliness that the exchange of sweets is supposed to build, is disappearing in the slogan-shouting matches that happen on both sides of the border.

  3. @Arti,
    Yes, patriotism on high. 🙂

    Oh, it is indeed a feel of patriotism. When I went there, there was no exchange of sweets or anything.
    Rather it’s business for many. 🙂

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