Wandering Wednesday Photo – Glass bangles

glass bangle @lemonicks.com/Travel

Colourful glass bangles at a shop in Laad Bazar.

Bangles are part of traditional Indian jewelry and glass bangles, loved by Indian women, has its own place. Inexpensive bangles made of glass are still preferred at traditional occasions such as marriages and on festivals.

glass bangle @lemonicks.com/Travel

And the tinkling sound of them can make anyone go awe.
The designs range from simple to intricate handmade designs, often studded with precious and semi-precious stones.

14 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday Photo – Glass bangles

  1. Mridula,
    Thank you.

    Come to India, I’ll be with you while you shop around. 🙂

    You are right. I had a pretty good time there. 😀

  2. I love bangles shopping. I don’t really love wearing the bangles because they always hurt my wrists, but I love shopping for them because they are so beautiful. We are heading to India in three weeks and I am sure that we will go shopping in Chennai for bangles. 🙂

  3. Bindu, Arun, Zhu,
    Thank you.

    Welcome here.
    I too love bangles for the same reason. They are beautiful and they make lovely tinkling sound.

    This photo is from Laad bazar in Hyderabad…. famous for bridal jewelry. I have seen people coming in groups from Chennai to shop for bangles, especially for weddings etc.

    Thanks, keep coming.

  4. Ram,
    Yes, I can imagine how it would be in night time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there at night and being alone I already had my quota of surprises. 🙂

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