Waterfall at Ellora caves – a video

To start with, here is a video of the famous waterfall at Ellora caves, Aurangabad.

The waterfall is near cave no. 29. The force is very strong and the water is muddy because of continuous rains. When the sun decided to show its face for sometime, a rainbow on this water was also seen. It is visible in still pictures that I took from inside the cave.

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12 thoughts on “Waterfall at Ellora caves – a video

  1. Sankara,
    Do visit it when you have time.

    Shower ? The force was very strong, no one can think of diving out there. The fall was muddy too.

    Thank you. I wonder what’d it be like when it has clear water. 🙂

  2. @Nisha,

    Some of the pictures have been clicked by me while for others i mentioned there name under the photograph.

    Do visit Chhattisgarh its rich in tourism and a nice place to visit, the best time to visit is September to December…

    Thanks and Regards,


    Chhattisgarh Tourism

  3. @Nisha,

    Forgot to mention i really liked the video, never been to this place….

    We know that Ellora Caves are world famous.., i think the video is during Monsoon, its looking cool….

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