Wedding garland

These thick & heavy special wedding garlands are called Kalyana Malai ( कल्याण माला ) in Tamil and are made of mainly rose petals and chopped leaves. To keep them together in this conical shape and to prevent the petals from falling off, they are ‘wrapped’ in threads. You can watch this video how it is done.

After wrapping up with thread some decorative pieces are being inserted.

There are two such pieces of each garland. Mostly, only one piece is prepared and kept ready. When somebody likes the design, size etc and orders for the garlands, the other piece is made and joined together to form a mala (garland).

The two pieces of wedding garland, ready to be joined together to form a mala.

All these garlands are made by highly skilled people in Tamil Nadu. Each piece could weigh from a kilogram to several kilograms which can only be lifted by 2 or more persons. The heavier versions are mostly used to welcome politicians and VIPs. 😀
I am sure some of my south Indian readers would already know about it.

Kalyana = कल्याण (Hindi), wedding
malai = माला (Hindi) garland

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24 thoughts on “Wedding garland

  1. I guess every 100 km there is something new within our country to watch to know to talk about And i.e., the best for a traveler.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep writing.

  2. Wonderful catch! Rich colours!

    Thanks very much for visiting my space and leaving me a comment! Truly appreciate your gesture!
    .-= V Rakesh´s last [post] ..Twelve =-.

  3. Nice pictures. Like someone else has mentioned, must weigh a ton. And the poor bride who would have woken at an unearthly hour would have to bear the weight. Looks good in pictures, but what a relief when it is taken off! But not to detract from the flower sellers skill.
    .-= radha´s last [post] ..Family Outings =-.

  4. Celine,
    Check it and it’ll tell you exactly how the mala is made. 🙂

    If you check the video, you’ll come to know. 🙂

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