What to do in the middle of nowhere ?

What do you do when your train halts in the middle of nowhere ?
I see stories and click pictures or vice versa.

On the way to Aurangabad my train had halted a few times in the middle of the fields. Perhaps somebody had pulled chain, a usual practice in India to get down if your village or town is far from regular railway station. A very bad practice, I hate it but no one can really do much about it. These people do get penalized sometimes but mostly they run into fields before guard or anybody else catches them.

On one such instance when our train got stationed for a few seconds, I could see vast expanse of the green lush velvet carpet and a few houses at a distance and behind those houses were monsoon clouds and mist kissing the mountains.
A perfect landscape picture.

The people who got down were hurriedly moving away from the train. I could also see some cattle feasting on the green grass provided by nature and wanted to click them.

train @lemonicks.com

I prayed that the train doesn’t move & waited for people to go out of my frame…

train @lemonicks.com

so that I can do my work….

train @lemonicks.com

I made some noises to make them look at me but for them the feast was more tempting than a photo session with me.

And then as I turned towards left, I suddenly saw this man. I didn’t notice what he was doing but the contrast of his shirt against the green background was good enough for me to press the shutter.
I think he was taken aback when he noticed camera in my hand and he put his hands in the front.

I had already clicked. Later I realized he was relieving himself in the open. He would not have thought that the train will halt and a crazy woman will have a camera ready just in front of him.

train @lemonicks.com

Ignore his ability to fertile the land and enjoy the landscape. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “What to do in the middle of nowhere ?

  1. See,if the train would not have been stopped, you couldn’t have made these beautiful landscape photos ;-D

    Some of our trains in Canada that go into the wilderness can be flagged down in places were there is no trains stations for miles and miles, and they officially stop if you let the conductor know where you want to leave.

  2. Samaresh,
    The whole route was green because of heavy rains but the real fun or adventure started when I was on the road. 😀

    Ha Ha…
    I made a few videos as well.

    And that’s a good idea but doesn’t it delay the other passengers ? How do they keep track of arrival time at any station?

  3. A,
    Hee hee… I am very imaginative person. Give me anything and I’ll have a funny story around it.
    But this one didn’t need any imaginations. It was there in front of me in the open. 😀

    BTW, I have read your posts, just not able to comment. Will do so soon.

    Another travel on the cards. I travel more than I write here. 😀

  4. Renu,
    The whole of India does it and sometimes I am so pissed off that I want to approach them while they are at it and elbow and say, “Hey dude ! What’s up?”. 😛

    Thank you. 😀

  5. There are not too many people travelling like that. These routes often have only one train per day, and trains in Canada travel pretty slow, so it’s easy to flag them down. And if you want to leave the train you just let the conductor know and they stop the train for you.

  6. Haha, more unbelievable that you actually posted the photo of the man. I agree, train travel is so much fun and there is so muhc going on.

    I just came back from a 10 hr, one stop flight and Oh god, it was boring!!! Especially, given the pathetic movie selection… i was ready to cry!

  7. Ms N,
    Ha ha… I am even capable of capturing a video of the act and telling them abt that. 😛

    I agree, 10 hour is bit too much for a non stop flight but better than if your plane has developed a tech snag and a 8 & 1/2 hour flight time turns into a 24 hour ordeal. 😀

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