Wine as a souvenir

Before I could even blink, I realized this month is about to pass by in a jiffy. I have been extremely busy with my travels, assignments, festivals and hordes of guests. At times I was travelling and my guests were waiting here in Mumbai. In fact they welcomed me home when I returned. Such was past one month or so. And it appears it is going to be the same till new year !

When you have guests and Indian festivals (especially Diwali) going hand in hand, wine bottles are the order of the day. And what better way to show them some from your collections besides offering regular branded wines. Let me tell you, I have a fairly good collection.

Not that I have a bunch of drunkards surrounding me but it is always good to have some stock at home when somebody who loves to drink, turns up.

celebration of wine cherry

Cherry wine

This time when we had some guests, on one of the days we were discussing wines and casually I took out these wines which I had brought from Sikkim.

celebration of wine

Paan flavoured wine from Sikkim.

Both of these wines have typical flavour and aroma and are a kind of fruit wine.
As the name suggests, Cherry wine is made of cherries and can be very easily made at home.
A liqueur from Sikkim full of the flavours of traditional Paan, is made of betel leaf, nuts, dried fruits and spices. When you are so used to general branded wines, it takes some time and effort to accept these flavors.

Question for you: Have you tried any local liquor? Do you take them home ?

P.S.- This is a monthly series exhibiting various souvenirs that I have picked up from my journeys across the globe. You can see more of them here.

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4 thoughts on “Wine as a souvenir

  1. Trust you to come up with something like this as a souvenir… had never even heard of the ‘paan wine’! of course, that is not surprising, considering that none of us are really wine connoisseurs, but still..

  2. The bottles look beautiful. Some day I intend to be call on you. My daughter has a fascination for them too but when I visited her home I could see all the brands renowned internationally stocked but … the bottles were empty.

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