World Heritage Sites of India

Sometime back I had written about ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) being an issuing authority for a common entry ticket for all World Heritage sites in India. This was mainly done to reduce the waiting period in queue and other hassles faced while visiting these places.

After buying entrance tickets these people are waiting for security check

Tickets for individual sites are also made available just in case someone is interested in only 1 or 2 sites.

I was in Delhi recently and happened to visit Red Fort. The ticket for Red fort was  Rs 10/- per head. I have kept that beautiful ticket as souvenir.

It is not a thin sheet of paper but I think they have used 60 gsm. Front portion is very attractive with pictures of different monuments in India; names are written in Hindi & English on the backside. It also has the authenticity silver seal of ASI. See the gray coloured square box on left.
On that post a keen reader Prasad had requested for a glimpse of the same. So Prasad, here it is for you. 🙂

A beautiful souvenir..

Serpentine queue in front of Red Fort, you can see 3rd fold in the background !

By looking at length of this queue, do you think a common ticket will be a hit ?

Here I give some tips when you go there:
1. Try to go on a weekday or in the morning to avoid waiting this long.
2. Do not carry extra bag of food, water etc. Everything is available inside the fort.
3. Even if you carry bags, you’ll be asked to deposit them in the clock room.
4. You can avail of clock room service for Rs 2/- and a locker facility for just Rs 10/-. I opted for latter since I had valuables in my backpack.
5. There are plenty of friendly policemen, helpers, staff who will guide you for everything. They are very courteous.
6. Try to keep the area clean, make use of trash cans. 🙂

11 thoughts on “World Heritage Sites of India

  1. I say: City-wise tickets should be issued for all ASI sites including tickets availability at individual sites if suppose a person only wishes to visit one or two sites.
    And validity period should be One week if ticket is not used.
    What say?

  2. Woot! New post without answers for the previous one!
    Nice ticket there. All I got when I went around Jaipur were the small yellow and pink slips. This looks much more classy.
    .-= Sid´s last [post] ..Nahargarh Fort =-.

  3. Sid,
    Most probably answers will be declared tomorrow. We should give at least a week’s time to participants. 🙂

    Are you talking about your recent trip ?
    I think they have started giving these tickets in bigger cities but then Jaipur is no small if you look at the no. of monuments there.

    On another note, this commentluv thing isn’t working for me even after doing what they asked me to. So, while I can see others’ mine is not visible. 🙁

  4. Oh my favorite spot- the red fort!! Such great memories- and to know it is still a well sought after destination makes me smile. 🙂 And did you see I waited until there were at least 2 other people who commented before me- so I would not look like the ‘greedy’ first commenter- hee hee!!

    Actually- I think due to the time difference- I always catch your posts first (before I sleep and before others wake up) hah!

    Great post as always!
    .-= anjuli´s last [post] ..Long Road==Jan 27 2010 =-.

  5. Anjuli,
    Red fort is one of the major attractions of Delhi.

    And, you looked more gorgeous when you commented first ! Yes, your being in diff time zone could be one of the reasons but I always looked forward to it. So pls become greedy again. 😀

    And I can see you’ve become miser as well. 😛 Not on top this month. Heh.

  6. HOBO,
    They are indeed issuing individual tickets, the one I showed here is one such but validity part I am not sure of.

    It’s not mentioned on the ticket so I guess if you buy it today and visit the site after a few days, that would be fine. My guess, ok? 🙂

  7. Vamsee,
    I agree with you but at the same time we must remember that majority of population can not afford pricey tickets. Govt has to take a balanced approach.

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