YMCA, Trivandrum

It was my first visit to Trivandrum or even Kerala.

I was apprehensive about the place I was going to stay. I needed a budgeted, clean and safe place. On Googling I found, hotels near Trivandrum station were all of similar nature and class.
As soon as you put your foot on the ground, the touts swam you with offers to take you to a nice hotel. They get commission, hotel gets a customer and you pay the bill. To tell you the truth, I am susceptible to these pressure tactics, especially if I am traveling alone.
So, I wanted a place I could directly head for, shooing away these touts.


Entrance to International block.

Forums could not help me much. Then fortunately I got to know existence of YMCA in that city.
First, it took us days to contact them. Phone nos. were either wrong or busy. There was no other way to contact them. Links on their website were not working. On top of that, I needed to make a DD (demand draft) @ Rs 495/- per day and send them to confirm my booking.
But it suited my requirements. So I went ahead with my plan and I don’t regret doing that.

Once there, I found staff to be very courteous and co-operative. I could also take a short interview of general secretary, who said they were working towards making it a better customer friendly place. Do read this if you want to know the details. I also collected all correct phone nos & information from them.


The spacious room where I stayed.

Without much ado, I give you the details that you require in case you decide to stay there.

Contact persons – Mr Shaiju and Mr Selvin
Contact nos.
Shaiju Alfi Ph. 9847508304
Ninan Ninan Ph. 9446353648
Office – 0471-2330059
The full list is here.

Distance from station – Around 1.2 Kms. An autorickshaw won’t take more than Rs 20/- For me it was Rs 16.00. Go directly to pre-paid auto stand.
Disadvantage – No good restaurants nearby.
Demand draft of Rs 495/- per day is a must though they say from 2nd time onwards phone calls suffice.
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9 thoughts on “YMCA, Trivandrum

  1. Although I do not need it, the postal address of YMCA at TVM could have been provided as the draft, a pre-requisite, needs to be sent to them. Thanks for dropping in. So you have succeeded. With all good wishes.

  2. I know it is the place where we can stay without any fear and in affordable cost compare with all other hotels in the capital city. Because I am the one who regularly stay there ,really it is a home away from the home.

  3. Hello Nisha,

    Thanks for the blog entry regarding YMCA Trivandrum.
    There really is very little information regarding the place and facilities online.

    Could you please reply ASAP with an answer to my queries?

    I am planning on staying at YMCA in a week.

    Is it possible to book a single room at short notice?
    Which is the quickest way to do this?
    Do you have a direct contact at YMCA? (email/phone) You stayed at the International block?
    Is it possible to book for multiple weeks?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. M,
    Yes, I agree about very less information on their site. I have written to them to update the site which for some reasons has not happened.

    Yes, as you can see the 1st photo here I stayed in international block. And it is also possible to book for multiple weeks.
    You need to call them up and inquire about the availability. They’ll guide you what’s the best option.
    I am repeating the contact nos here. The full list is mentioned in the post as well.

    Contact nos. –
    Shaiju Alfi Ph. 9847508304
    Ninan Ninan Ph. 9446353648
    Office – 0471-2330059

    You might have to ask somebody residing in India to make a draft and send to YMCA as per their procedure.

    Let me know if you got thru the booking.
    All the best! 😀

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