To The Emerald of the Equator

To the Emerald of the Equator

The month of April saw me returning back from trip of Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau. We stayed in all the three places longer than what people generally stay. After a long time, we both vacationed together and at our own pace. We wanted it that way. Vasu has been telling me to think about our next destination and book tickets. I am being just lazy.

April also saw three other international trips either getting declined or cancelled for some reason or the other. For me, personal trips are far more important than FAM trips. So, no issues. I was not worried but started thinking … where next? Should I take Vasu’s advice seriously?

And then this invite came my way.

The Emerald of the Equator indonesia P1010009.2

This is what you see when you leave Mumbai Airport.

I am flying to Indonesia, the Emerald of the Equator to participate in the 60th Commemoration of Asian-African Conference. I am one of the select 14 bloggers from 8 countries across the world.

The event will be held in Jakarta and Bandung but ceremonial programs and the pinnacle of the Commemoration will take place in Bandung. I will also see and experience the city of Bandung and some of its beautiful surroundings.

Indonesia is a new country for me and this time I am flying Malindo Air, a new again.

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Till then ciao, Au revoir, Selamat tinggal.
Terima kasih.

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