A fun filled trip

And so a fulfilled trip to Malaysia and Philippines came to an end. Or should I say a fun filled trip ?

It was majorly Philippines with Malaysia serving as a landing platform both ways. To start with, we had booked our air tickets to and fro Kuala Lumpur around 2 months back and that was it. No other plans or schedule were made or thought of…. the way I prefer to travel.
Why Kuala Lumpur ? Because Air-Asia, my favourite cost effective airlines for south Asian countries, doesn’t fly directly to Philippines.
Coming back to the trip, we received our Philippines visa just 2 days before our date of journey ! I was in fact mentally preparing myself with other options within Malaysia. But then our prayers were heard. And we did everything that could have been packed in such a short time. Hiking was the most commonly used outdoor activity in Philippines.

rice terrace @lemonicks.com

Not even a single hut in sight ! Do you really think it’s an easy task to cover the terraces end to end on this mountain on a rainy day? I dare you do that. 🙂

The most difficult terrain of world famous rice terraces in Batad, volcanic crater lakes in Tagaytay, mud springs in Mount Makiling, rowing to Pagsanjan waterfalls, camping, staying at a heritage house in small unknown town, modern life in the capital Manila, museums, tryke/ pedicab/ Jeepney ride, and wonderful hosts…. I must say I could not have asked for more.
Well, except for more time probably.

Tagaytay lake @lemonicks.com

Can you see lake within crater within bigger lake within volcanic mountains? 😀

Tagaytay lake @lemonicks.com

Me on volcanic rocks, going towards the inner lake. Some of the rocks are still spewing sulphurous vapour thru cracks. You can also see a portion of outer lake in the background.

This was not my first visit to Malaysia, thanks to unavailability of direct flights of Air Asia to other countries where I had been to and I must admit I am more comfortable in Kuala Lumpur when I alight from airplane than in Delhi airport. Without looking at signs or asking anybody, I know exactly (to the station no.) where from the buses to the city start, where X-rays machines are located, where are MacD or KFC or Starbucks or where one can find Indian food, what beverages vending machine at bay number 3 has or even where all in the airport are restrooms !
In short, these days I am more at home in Kuala Lumpur than in Delhi or Mumbai.

Port dickson @lemonicks.com

Evening at Port Dickson.

We didn’t have much time in Malaysia so opted for smaller and lesser known towns in neighbouring states and enjoyed the countryside. Having already seen most of this beautiful country, we anyway had little choice left.

Port dickson @lemonicks.com

Strolling in the park? I wanted to touch it !

Kuala Lumpur was further explored for restaurants, galiyan (narrow streets), museums and since this time V was with me, I guided him to my favourite stalls for street food as well.

Good to be back home. Detailed posts will come slowly, right now I am nursing my knees and the bruised finger. I am uploading some photos on Facebook, you can have a glimpse of them.
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11 thoughts on “A fun filled trip

  1. I loved your pictures!!! I wonder when you were in Port Dixon- as some dear friends of ours were just there recently- wouldn’t it be funny if there was an overlap of your visits?

    Love the way you choose to travel (planless)- makes things so much more exciting. I look forward to seeing more pics and hearing about your hiking experiences in the Philippines.

  2. I have been to the Philippines and I can say there are really nice tourist spots there. I’ve been to that lake you’re talking about and I think that’s called the Taal volcano. What I remember most in the Philippines is the hospitality of people there. I have yet to visit Malaysia. maybe it will be my next stop.I love your pictures. They’re all beautiful.

  3. Connie,
    Heyy I missed you here a lot. Welcome back. 😀

    I was in Port Dickson before Christmas. On 22nd & 23rd Dec to be precise.

    Ha Ha… planless travels sometimes make us fools also. 😛

    Have you checked the Facebook where I uploaded some pictures today?
    Here is the link http://on.fb.me/dSZ7KE

  4. Steph,
    Welcome to my site.
    And thank you for your valuable inputs. Keep watching and we can share some more things. 🙂

    I have not been to your country and would love to be there one day.

    Philippines was really fun and yes, the lake is called Taal lake. Tagaytay is town on the hills where this lake is situated. Also, hiking in Batad was a challenge on a rainy day. 🙂

    Glad you liked my pictures. Have you checked them on Facebook ? There are many more up there.

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