Birding in Port Dickson

Let’s do some birding in Port Dickson.

Well, not really. Birding is altogether another activity. The title might confuse you.
KL bird park is probably the best in Malaysia if you want to see myriad of birds, but here I am talking about the birds which you may not find in KL park. 🙂
I highly recommend Port Dickson, another quiet town of Malaysia if you want to see these birds.

Dancing Turkey :
They dance in style. I even have a video. 🙂
turkey bird

Golden Pheasant :
I clicked this shot through the cage. The female was very sober colored.
golden pheasant

The name Golden Pheasant, comes from its golden crest. Males have a golden crest with a hint of red at the tip of it. While the male is so colorful & attractive, the female is very sober as generally the case is.
The Golden Pheasant is one of the most popular of all pheasant species kept in captivity. The adult male is around 100 cm in length, its long tail accounts for two-thirds of the total length.

Ostrich :
No zooms. Extremely fidgety, it was this close to me !

Do you know that Ostrich is the second fastest land animal on the earth? At 70 km/hour, it can maintain this speed for 10 kilometers whereas Cheetah can reach upto 90 km/hour but only for a distance of not more than 1 kilometer.
A single stride of an Ostrich running at full speed can be upto 15 feet in length !!
Phew ! That’s some distance !

Guinea Fowl :
More than shy, they look frightened even in a group. Kept running away from me.
guinea fowl

guinea fowl

But this one stopped and gave me a look. 😛

Mr. Guess who:
I was not sure of the name of this bird and had to ask in forums. I am still doubtful about the name.
polish chicken
It is of the same size as of a rooster, has yellow & brown lion like mane. 😛

So, can you name it for me ?
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8 thoughts on “Birding in Port Dickson

  1. nice pics, Nisha! I saw almost all these birds at the zoo in Tirupati.. didnt get decent pics through the wire nets of the cages, though.. that last bird does look interesting!!

  2. Avinash,
    Thank you.
    The purpose was to show the readers some pictures and to lure them to answer the last one. Haven’t succeeded till now. 😛

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