Colorful Trishaw of Malacca

The moment your tourist bus drops you at the main tourist stop, an instant smile comes to your face. The first thing you notice about the quaint town Malacca (a.k.a Melaka in Malay) is its beauty and of course, the colourful attractive trishaws. So many Trishaws.

My educated guess is that this name is derived from Tricycle + Rickshaw.

Difficult to say, what are more beautiful…. Trishaw or the women. 🙂

Mostly yellow in color, they are decorated with plastic flowers, dolls, soft toys and similar flashy things. It is very similar to our own Rickshaw, just that the seat is slightly lower and only two persons can be seated and the driver is to one side of the contraption.
At the back of a Trishaw is a wooden cabinet which holds personal belongings such as cap, water bottle etc of the Trishaw driver. There also sits a large battery, something similar to a car battery attached at the back. It is used for two things.
One, to play the music and another, to light the series of small electric lamps at night just like our own Deepavali festival.

How colorful !

The music system plays very loud music as if to force the whole town to hear. Mostly the songs are popular English numbers but if fortune favors you, you get to hear popular Bollywood songs as well.
The Trishaw drivers prefer to go in a group and sitting in one of them makes you feel like you are part of some grand procession.

The fare for an hour’s ride on it will cost you RM 40-60 (Ringgit Malaysian) and the music is thrown in absolutely free !:D
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9 thoughts on “Colorful Trishaw of Malacca”

  1. Jitaditya,
    Welcome to my home. 🙂

    I went to Malacca twice and both times I thought the same. 😀
    Why things should be boring? Colors and music give a different feel. 🙂

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