‘Dragon’ Pure Water Wells

Within the famous Snake Temple in Penang island, there are two wells called the two Dragon Pure Water Wells. These wells represent a pair of red eyes of an auspicious dragon. When the temple was being constructed, it is said that the door of Heaven was opened and a fierce dragon descended and landed in front of the temple with its tail facing west.


Notice board telling the history.

The two eyes of the dragon transformed into two wells. One is 10 feet deep and 3 feet in diameter while another is 10 feet deep and 2 feet in diameter.


One of the eyes of Dragon ….

The well provided fresh water for the surrounding village. According to local belief, those who drank from the well attained good fortune, health and longevity.

Under the same roof there is a small restaurant near this well, which serves hot delicious Chinese food and if you want, you can have water from this well to drink.
You can also see a portion of a shop selling freshly made cookies, pancakes and Dodols, yes same famous Goan Dodols. 🙂 I will show you a picture some other time.


Guiding us to stairs that lead to one of the wells.

Near the stairs, there were nice colorful clothes in a shop which definitely was successful in luring the tourists. Not me but V, my dear husband was also trapped and he bought me a very beautiful turquoise blue beach dress. No doubt, he pampers me a lot. 😀
‘Dragon’ Pure Water Wells.
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13 thoughts on “‘Dragon’ Pure Water Wells”

  1. Does the Dragon have a squint eye, as u said one is 3 mtr dia & the other is 2 mtr dia…… 😉 .. Jus joking.

    Love these idea of dragon & shops near the well ….

  2. I’m glad Vamsee asked the question- because I would have asked if it hadn’t been brought forward. Good to know they don’t charge extra for the water.

    I used to take people to the snake temple years ago (when I was schooling in Penang)- even have some old photos of the place- at that time there was no restaurant and I hardly remember the wells. Its interesting to see how even the temples have ‘evolved’ over time 🙂
    .-= anjuli´s last [post] ..Feb 14th- Accra- Rawling’s House =-.

  3. Anjuli,
    Wow ! That’s so nice to know that you spent your childhood in Penang. I really loved the place and when I get another chance, I’ll go there again.

    I am yet to post pictures of snake temple. And for you, I’ll post some more pictures of today’s Penang. 🙂

  4. I like the story too!

    I’d taste some dragon water 🙂 Nice change from Coke!
    .-= Zhu´s last [post] ..Another World Is Possible =-.

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