Everyone has his freedom

As I said earlier, the main religion of Malaysia is Islam but other religions are also respected and have their own place. On the same note, one can see school going kids of different religions going to same school donning uniforms as per their own choice.

school kids@lemonicks.com/Travel

Where they have Muslim girls covered from head to toe….

school kids@lemonicks.com/Travel

They also have girls studying in the same standard wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

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9 thoughts on “Everyone has his freedom

  1. I have commented upon the same thing several times since I visited Malaysia. The difference in attire is striking!! We were at Sunway Lagoon and we had women fully covered in the water as well as those clad scantily!

  2. This freedom is under great discussion in France, especially with regard to the burka. I believe that one of the questions is whether one can assume that women and girls wearing it do so by their own choice or not. Not an easy issue. The leading word should be freedom!

  3. Namita,
    Yes, some things are in sheer contrast on that land. Why only there? We have such contrasts in our country as well !!

    Go to Goa, you can see bikini clad & saree clad women on the same beach !!

  4. Peter,
    I am aware of happenings in France. You know, sometimes it’s difficult to find out whether the women want it themselves or they are so much brainwashed to think so.

    You said it rightly. The ultimate word is ‘freedom’.

  5. Same in Turkey. Women with their heads covered walking along the beach where women sun bathe topless. The complexities and intricacies of predominantly Muslim nations are many.

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