Genting Highlands, the entertainment neighbourhood

Genting Highlands, the entertainment neighbourhood

Had I not fallen sick, I would have been in Genting highlands one of these days. I have been to this part of the world several times but never ever bothered to visit Genting highlands. I was always looking for a more exotic or off the beaten track places and not place like Genting where most of KL converges on a holiday or a weekend.

One of the first things I wanted to do is ride up in their Cable Car…. both ways. I am told this is an experience in itself and what’s more, it costs only 5 MYR compared to the cable car travel to Sentosa that costs 29 SGD(!) for a round trip (equivalent to MYR 75). Whereas the cable car of Genting highlands is all through forests and hills, that of Sentosa is above concrete, buildings and a small stretch of sea; though doing it at night is beautiful. Of course, if you drive in then you miss out.

I have been to Casinos in different countries and lost more money than what I earned, still the lure can’t be ignored. 😛
Most of us (when not with kids) would like to hit the various Casinos and have the most exciting night of their visit. There are three casinos, which cater to the dicey side of our character. 😉 There are the usual Black Jack, Baccrat and Roulette tables in addition to the countless slot machines. There also some Chinese gambling games here. One must of course not forget that Alcohol is not served in any of the Casinos and you cannot BYOB. 😀
But remember, minimum age to enter the Casino is 21 years and Malay Muslims are not allowed inside.

Don’t you worry if you have kids with you. Those with children and those with child in them, can enjoy the various entertainment theme centers. There is the typical outdoor amusement park and an indoor amusement water park, snow park and skydiving. The all inclusive ticket is priced at MYR 66 for one day. Like I said before, holidays and weekends are teeming with people and one may want to buy the “express lane” ticket at 114 MYR. I suggest you to go there on a weekday and save money.

Can you believe there is one place where the Adult price is lower than the child? And that is the Rain Forest Splash pool. MYR 5 for Adult and MYR 10 for kids. 😀

There is also concert place where local artists perform. Never known to have hosted a big performance. However I was told that soon Elton Jones will be here.

Happy reading while I prepare for my next destination! 🙂

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