In the lap of Cameron Highlands

If I was to choose a hill station where I would like to spend my lifetime, Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is one of the top five in my list. I have been to Cameron Highlands twice and both the times I was so bitten by its beauty that I did not want to leave the place !

One of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations, the Cameron Highlands is perched on a corner of the Titiwangsa Range in Pahang. It covers an area of 712 square kilometres.

As an Indian, the first impression of this place is Simla but much bigger in size. For example if we assume it to be a Mahabaleshwar then it is at least 10 times of that place. And of course more cleaner. Many Tamilians are settled here and I saw some cross between them and Chinese also !

parit falls

Parit falls in Cameron Highlands.

Here is a little history that goes behind it. The Cameron Highlands got its name from William Cameron, a British surveyor who was commissioned by the then colonial government to map out the area in 1885. He informed that it is a votex in the mountains with some gentle slopes and plateau. Nothing much happened then.
But after 40 years Sir George Maxwell visited the locale and decided to transform the place into a hill station. The place is such forested that building of the road was a challenge. The crew not only had to deal with the weather, they also had to live with the risk of being down with malaria and other diseases.

No wonder it is considered one of the last remaining stretches of virgin forests in peninsular Malaysia and if you like walking there is nothing like it. You’ll love the nature walks and mountains here. Plus there are plenty of flora to enjoy.

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