It is Cameron Highlands :)

We are in Cameron Highlands now. It took almost full one day to reach here instead of normal 4 hours. Why ? Not now, some other time.

It’s a hill station. First impression of this place is Simla but much bigger in size. For example if we assume it to be a Mahabaleshwar then it is at least 10 times of that place. And more cleaner as well. Many Tamilians are settled here and I saw some cross between them and Chinese also !

We reached here at around 6, checked in a Traveler’s Lodge after trying at 2-3 places. Lots of travelers here from different countries. Made some friends. But everyone says India is a very dirty place to go !

Wanted to go trekking today but since we were late, it’s not advisable to venture out in Malaysian jungles after dark. It’s been raining also.
Right now using free wi-fi facility here sitting outside listening to familiar sounds of crickets and other night creatures. 🙂

So, tomorrow is a busy day.
It’s 10:30 PM and very cold now. Let me go and have a coffee now.

See ya soon then.

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