Jalan Petaling

Picture of the moment: Jalan Petaling
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When I turned to this street, I knew I had to click a photo of it to share with my people back home. The colorful houses in a row opposite the road were invitingly attractive. These houses are very old and each one of them has a story attached to it.

jalan petaling @lemonicks.com

Jalan Petaling, China town in Kuala Lumpur.

I waited there at the crossing near the signboard. The traffic and the passersby were moving continuously. Vehicles and people both were obstructing my view. A few minutes passed by.
It was a hot sunny day and probably it showed on my face too. One woman wearing a hat, was walking down on the pathway coming in my direction. Obviously I was busy watching the traffic and did not notice her.

She stood near me for a moment, smiled and said “I admire your patience”.

Lady, I do not know who you are or where you are but this one is for you. 🙂
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12 thoughts on “Jalan Petaling”

  1. Julia Munroe Martin

    Very cool photo! I’m also participating in the Wordcount Blogathon, and I wanted to check out your site. Nice to be on this blogathon journey with you!

  2. Very cool picture- I know how long it must have taken you to get a picture without the continuous flow of traffic!! You definitely have patience.

  3. Co-incidentally I am reading your post form my hotel in Petaling Jaya. Just arrived. Will dive head on into KL tomorrow.
    Btw, these colourful old style buildings are spread in SIngapore old town area also. I think they are called shophouses. i stay in one too 🙂 shop below and slant roof house on top

  4. Some of the homes here at Jalan Petaling are well taken care off but I wish the government would pay more attention to the pre-war buildings here before it is all gone.

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