Street artist in Johor Bahru

Picture of the moment: Street artist in Johor Bahru
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I was roaming around in a night market in Johor Bahru, a city very near to Singapore. And I stopped by this street artist. He was doing a portrait. First I thought he was just giving it a finishing touch since the couple in the portrait was not around. But something was telling me that I was wrong.

street artist Johor bahru

The street artist busy in his work.

Then I realized that he was indeed sketching! Unlike other sketchers, this street artist sketches from photos!
Instead of making people wait for hours in front of him, he clicks a photo of them with his mobile camera. Later, when he is relatively free, he starts doing his work.
I spoke to him for a few minutes, took his permission to take a photo while he was at work.
For him it normally takes one week to make one sketch and his charges are RM 200-300 depending on the amount of work involved.

Location – Night market, Johor Bahru

RM = Ringgit Malaysian
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17 thoughts on “Street artist in Johor Bahru

  1. wonderful, Nisha!! we should suggest this to the street artists of Mumbai too…. we recently made a trip to Kala ghoda just so that samhith could have his sketch made.. and i was surprised that he could sit still for so long! but on the other hand, sitting still, waiting for the artist to note your expressions, see how he works, thats an experience by itself!

  2. Very nice work indeed. Looks amazing, I assume it must have resembled that picture very much :). Which night market was it that you visited in JB?


  3. Anu,
    It is actually a pain to sit through the whole session. While passersby enjoy all the fun comparing the actual & the sketch, you wonder about the final product ! 🙂

  4. Samaresh,
    Thank you.

    Not here but I got my sketch made in Thailand which you can see as my profile picture here on sidebar. 😀 The sketch is on A4 size sheet.
    I have the photo of that artist also. 🙂

  5. What a perfectly enterprising idea! In this age of hi-tech this is to be expected. I once saw an artist using a photo. I thought, at that time, the may be of someone who’s not there anymore.

    My own thoughts are, there will be some differences when an artist sees a 3D live object and then does his sketching and when he just copies out of a 2D image. Maybe I am wrong.

    A great post. Keep it up.

  6. Ilya,
    Welcome here.
    Well, we did not stay for long but yes, looked very similar to photo. 🙂

    This was daily night market near the town center.

  7. Can someone tell where i can find them at Johor Bharu. I need to draw my Father in Law Face before 1st May 2013. Pls Help me.

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