Kissing not allowed !

Picture of the moment: Kissing not allowed.
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Today’s picture of the moment is a poster.
Here in India, at times we get involved and react to many useless debates. Thanks to some powerful people, we do not even approve of visual ads for life threatening hazards related to Tobacco smoking which kills millions of people every year.
posters in train

No kissing in public.

But I am sure our leaders will approve of posting these public warnings without much ado.

posters in train

Kissing in public is injurious to others’ health ! 😉

P.S.- This is a poster in a local train in Malaysia. You can see such posters in taxis and other public transports as well.
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18 thoughts on “Kissing not allowed !

  1. @Shrinidhi,
    Yes, but I haven’t come across any country where they allow direct greetings on lips. 😀
    Wow! If that is allowed, I am wondering how our ‘pink chaddhi’ leaders will react. 😛

  2. I don’t remember seeing such a sign in Malaysia! Oh well, I’m pretty sure I did some kissing. I broke the rule 😆

  3. Ah yes with the Khalwat laws in Malaysia- it would not be advisable to be involved in public kissing.

    It is funny sometimes what we consider important to post in ads.

  4. It goes to show what our cultural differences are and although India may be on the world stage in other respects, they are still very conservative in some respects compared to Western culture where open displays of affection are more acceptable.

  5. isnt this mostly meant for tourists? if then, this is very similar to what may happen in india. there are ‘no nudity’ sign boards in some beaches frequented by tourists in india also 🙂

  6. crazy world! they worry about these things instead of other serious issues. can’t see how an act of love and joy is considered so negative. need to change!

  7. rocksea, it’s my country and we have our conservative culture and our religion also forbid that. we learn to respect other people privacy and my country have high tolerance that make many different race around the world can live here, if not u will see never my country are peaceful like this, some more foreign visit some country they need to follow local rule and respect their tradition and understand it. if people want to do kissing or having sex, do that act with their wife/husband in their house or private place. learn to respect other people privacy and other country’s culture. don’t think u are always right and don’t think people take different choice from you is necessarily wrong. that arrogant and disrespect. the world are wide and full with different people and tradition. learn about them and tolerate on them, then the world will become peaceful.

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