Langkawi Express

Artikel ini dalam Lagkawi mengekspresikan ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Untuk menterjemahkan dalam bahasa anda sila klik teks di atas.
บทความเกี่ยวกับลังกาวีนี้แสดงความสามารถเขียนเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ จะแปลในภาษาของคุณกรุณาคลิก ข้อความข้างต้น.

From Kuala Lumpur I took Langkawi express, a Malaysian train, to enter into Thailand. For your info, Langkawi also happens to be a beautiful place in north west Malaysia. This inter-country train starts in south from Singapore, crosses Malaysia from south to north and enters Thailand.

Initially I was very apprehensive of taking this train, mainly because I never knew what’d happen at the border. But the wish to experience different modes of transport as locals do was much more than my fearfulness.

The train was at 9 PM. Since I had checked out of my hotel at 11 and even after killing time here & there, I was at the KL sentral station well before time. More on KL sentral station in a separate post. Yes, it deserves a separate one.

The only sleeper coach in the train.

I reserved a second class sleeper berth for myself. I had read somewhere it becomes very cold at night and they don’t provide any beddings. No one could provide me any more information. So, I was all set to use my all clothing if needed. Later came to know that information was for chair car.

The train was late by half an hour. We were to wait at upper level near escalator till announcement was made to board the train. (pictures later).

Our ticket checker. He was quite shy when I requested him for a photo.

There was a staff member who was manning the passengers. When the train came, the same person became our TTE. 🙂 Basically what I noticed, these people are assigned to trains for a sector or part of journey and they have to perform all duties pertaining to guards, ticket checker, attendant etc. and have to travel with passengers on that sector.

There was only one sleeper coach just after the engine, (had to walk till the end). It being expensive compared to chair car must have been the only reason for only one coach. Besides me and one Chinese gentleman, all occupants were westerners. All tourists, no locals.

My berth and that’s my large sized red handbag. No one can take it away without getting noticed.

The bed was already made and we had to just slip into it. It is wide enough to sleep 2 people like me. The passageway is quite wide as well, with only one upper/one lower berth on either side. Two toilets at each end, one squat and one western.

Note:- After booking my ticket, I came to know that there are many overnight buses from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (Thailand) for MYR 45, cheaper than sleeper which costed me more than MYR 60.

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17 thoughts on “Langkawi Express

  1. Oh yes the train station deserves a post all of it’s own :)…but what a lovely post this was- the sleeper car experience is something else again. You are a such a brave woman!! I wonder will you take the bus back down instead of the train?

    Enjoying your updates and looking forward to more- enjoy the rest of your time there!!

  2. Ram,
    Yes, I am keeping track but I might drop majority of them. 🙂

    Yes, train station is a huge thing to write on.
    Ha Ha…. return journey by bus ?? Wait for my post then. Looks like I am really a brave woman. 😀

  3. Joe Zachs,
    Welcome. Are you new here ? But I do remember seeing you somewhere.

    Yes, he was quite shy. Had it been a man, he would have definitely refused him. 🙂

    Keep coming.

  4. Yogesh,
    Thank you very much.
    It needs lot of courage, determination and luck to do this. I am fortunate.

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

    Now that you’ve seen this blog, Keep coming. 🙂

  5. Manish,
    The train was quite comfortable with plenty of space.

    Ahaa ! Kahin wo aap he to nahi the ? 😛

    Yes, I have met few of them but mostly they are vacationers running away from the cold winter of Europe, Canada and USA. Majority of the people I met are from Canada, Germany, USA, Russia and Finland etc.

  6. MagicEye,
    They were more reserved since all of us were strangers to each other.

    The journey was 13 and half hours but the train was running late. The common town at the border is Padang Besar where immigration activities take place. First official stop where I got down was Hat yai.

  7. Zoe,
    Thanks for your query.

    The toilets are clean but in second class there is no provision for a shower. You’ll have to book first class for that.

    May I know for which part of the route you want to travel ?

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