Malaysia – A wedding destination

Last year one of my friends got married on a beautiful white sandy beach in Indonesia.
It was not the first wedding which is performed in an exotic location. A few years back an Indian businessman’s son was married high up in the sky in a jet plane ! There are couples who would like to climb to some high mountain peak or some who would go higher and have their wedding solemnized in a hot air balloon in Turkey or maybe in the innards of the sea in Greece!

In some cases the wedding location is so carefully selected that it just seamlessly integrates into their honeymoon as well. An unforgettable wedding followed by an unforgettable honeymoon. How is that? 😛

wedding in malaysia

A couple posing for me at KL Tower.

Now Malaysia is quickly becoming quite popular among the exotic locales such as atop Eiffel tower, Castles of England and Palaces of Rajasthan, Casinos of Las Vegas, Beautiful location in Italy or French Riviera , great barrier reef in Australia and so on.
White sandy beaches with its crystal clear blue waters, Blue Mountains, dense rain forest in both continental Malaysia and in the Island of Borneo are preferred by young couples than traditional weddings.

The more adventurous can do scuba diving in the Andaman sea and get married too!
If that is not to your liking then there are scores of private beaches that you can have for yourself for the wedding, the party and the honeymoon.

There are several companies or wedding planners as they are called now that have sprouted in all of Malaysia. So all that the couples have to do is discuss and enumerate their wishes to a wedding planner and loosen their money belt and lo you have the happiest and the best moments of your life all planned to the smallest of the details. Some of them even offer easy payment plans!

I am sure the latest place to join the band wagon would be the newly opened LegoLand in Johor Bahru.

Of course, like in other parts of the world, it is also a means of telling the world how thick is the lining of your wallet. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Malaysia – A wedding destination”

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize that Malaysia had become a wedding destination!!! It makes sense though- I mean it is so gorgeous there- hotels are wonderful- scenery etc.

    Great to catch up on your blog!!!!

  2. I don’t mind where, whose, when the wedding is as long as I get invited with full travel , boarding and lodging taken care of by the parties involved 😉

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