Malaysia Changes Visa Rules

The Malaysian Government has decided to discontinue the “Visa on Arrival” or VOA as it is popularly called effective from 16th August, 2010.

VOA scheme was offered to a select group of countries, of which India was a part, in which, Malaysian Immigration would grant 7-15 days visa at the port of entry into Malaysia, whether by Air, Ship or Land, irrespective of mode of travel.

Now all travelers planning to enter Malaysia for tourism or otherwise will now have to ensure that they have proper entry permits while planning the trip.

However, Transit without visa (TWOV) is allowed subject to a max of 120 hours of stop over.

Passengers from Indian sub-continent are only eligible for TWOV if they have Single Entry Visa (SEV) or Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) issued from any of the following countries:
i. Australia
ii. New Zealand
iii. United States of America (USA)
iv. Japan
v. China
vi. Taiwan
vii. South Korea

You can see both Petronas twin tower & KL tower in this picture

The reason cited by Malaysian government is that, this facility was being abused. Apparently last year around 120 persons, mostly from Chennai, just disappeared in the country after entering.

Some of us may remember that similar sanctions were brought against India and Bangladesh etc. a couple of years back also and then it was taken back.

So… let us wait and watch. In the meanwhile plan your trips carefully. I sincerely hope Thailand doesn’t do this.

Happy Traveling!

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12 thoughts on “Malaysia Changes Visa Rules

  1. Renu,
    How often do you travel if I may ask?

    Yes, visa problem is getting bigger day by day but I feel somewhere the people are responsible for it.

  2. hmmm interesting. I thought VOA was removed a long time back, cos i’ve been trying it to make it to Malaysia on each of my recent Singapore trips, but the lack of VOA has been a thorn!!!

    anyway, the bigger issue is of visa restrictions i guess… i hate how they spoil it for those who are credible as well. then again, each country’s right to look after its own! (I hear India can be a nightmare! :D)

  3. Ms. N,
    It’s not for all the countries but a select few.

    They did especially when hundreds of Indians went missing after obtaining VOA. B’coz of a few, all others have to suffer. 🙁

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  5. HI,
    I just read your blog about new malaysian immigration rules so just wanted to clear some doubts I am an indian and plannning to visit sing and kul.
    here is my itenary
    26 reach KUL
    26 KUl to Sing
    29 Sing-KUL(train/bus)
    2feb 11 KUL -DELHI
    as you can see i will enter KUL twice once from DEL-KUL and then SINg-KUl now will i need a multiple entery.
    is there any catch/things to consider

    on a different now:
    which one do u think is better Langawi/singapore considering the place and my visa conditions

    Thanks in advance


  6. Chetan,

    I have written you a mail explaining things.

    From your query it appears that your main purpose is to visit S’pore. If so, then I would suggest you go there directly instead of via KL.

    If you stick to your plans, then yes, you’ll need multi entry visa for Malaysia. Also, there is no VOA so you’ll have to apply for it before you commence your journey. They generally give multi entry; there should not be any problem.

    What are your plans to see in KL ? You can go through these articles. They’ll definitely help you in seeing KL.

    Happy journey,

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