Malaysia truly Asia

True to its claim, Malaysia is really a reflection of Asia in every manner. Beautiful in its own way. The major touristy cities are busy and bustling with life while the hills are quiet and calm. The people are very helpful and friendly everywhere even if they don’t understand your language.

Trisha in Malacca

I consider myself a traveler more than a tourist. Obviously, we wanted to see and live the real Malaysia. We wanted to see its people and learn something about them and their country. So, booking a packaged tour was out of question even though it is far more comfortable and hassle free.

As I have mentioned earlier, we had booked just the air-tickets to & fro Mumbai with Malaysian Airlines and nothing else. We wanted this trip to be an adventurous one from every point including our stays. Nonetheless, we stayed in all sorts of places; from decent ones to frill free shared baths types. The credit for the latter goes to me. 😛
More details on this later.

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang. Can you notice something here?

We did not have any fixed agenda. To start with, before leaving India we had at least 5 places in our mind for our 12 day break. Some of them got swapped with new ones because of some reason or the other but that was all part of the game.  We enjoyed the change and unexpectedness.

I loved the beautiful, wide roads of Malaysia and the open space.

I had read somewhere, the roads are not that good once you are out of Kuala Lumpur but I think it is a perception of an individual coming from probably a much more developed country. As an Indian, I can say that unlike India, the roads are well maintained throughout the country and not only in cities.

On way to Cameron Highlands. Can you see clouds kissing the mountains ? And the road ?

You can see both Petronas twin tower & KL tower in this picture

I don’t know how they managed to do it but there is absolutely no slum in any of the city that we visited. I think the cities here are developed on the pattern of Singapore.
If we speak about Kuala Lumpur, plenty of open space, parks, skyscrapers and a good transport system are part of it.

When I called Malaysia a reflection of real Asia, how could one even assume there would not be any cheating, begging, pick pockets or taxi drivers not going by meter ! 😀
I loved the atmosphere there. One does not feel homesick.

The main religion of Malaysia is Islam but there is no dearth of Hindu temples, churches or Buddhist places of worship.

Conservative and yet subtly open to PDA (Public Display of Love), at least in the cities. That’s Malaysia.

I will be writing on all aspects of this country from people, places, places of stays, price tags, transports, food and tips etc. I am sure; you will gain something if you ever plan to visit this country.

Keep reading.

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16 thoughts on “Malaysia truly Asia

  1. @Rocksea,
    Yes, you can expect many posts on Malaysia.

    They are very interesting and catch one’s attention immediately. They are common only in the city of Malacca. Actually they deserve a separate post. Will write about it. 😀

  2. The temple pictures are amazing!

    I loved visiting temples in China, it was always a great experience between the colorful statues and the smell of incense.

  3. You have captured Malaysia beautifully. It is my husband’s country and I visit it quite often- although i’m not sure many Malaysians will like your comment about their cities being based on the Singapore style – ha ha- you have to understand the rivalry between the two nations 🙂

    I was born and raised in Singapore- and hold a Singapore passport- so I’m a Singaporean- and my husband a Malaysian- oh my- I have to give him credit for his country having the best food- but I tell him Singapore is the cleanest and most organized 🙂 hee hee!!

  4. Anjuli,
    Thank you once again for your comments.

    Well, that’s absolutely my view or understanding about the place. It has nothing to do with the facts.

    Yes, I understand the neighborly rivalry… India-Pak style. 😀

    BTW, did you know, you’ve just become the top commenter for this month on this site ?

    Wow !! Congrats !

  5. haha– I didn’t realize I had become the top commenter!! Oh my- shows what I ‘big’ mouth I have always wanting to make comments. I absolutely love your blog and definitely will be coming back regularly- I tried to follow it on my blog’s ‘follow’ list but for some reason it wasn’t letting me- so I’ll simply subscribe to it.

  6. Anjuli,
    Oh, that’s because this blog is not on blogspot.
    So, you’ll have to subscribe to it. It’s on top right sidebar. 🙂


  7. Ram,
    I just realized I hadn’t answered the comments on this post.

    Yes of course, we both climbed up and went inside too.
    I know I know, pictures are yet to come.

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