Mirror, mirror on the wall

This was the day when I could finally see Petronas. It was around an hour from my hotel to this place and I was there by 6:35 AM ! Read again, it’s AM !!
After getting my reservation ticket I haughtily kept it safe and came out to start exploring the city. I found many new places which certainly existed but I didn’t know about. 🙂
I wasn’t carrying any heavy bag… only my camera, my cap and a small shoulder pouch with all important papers which you need to carry in a foreign country. Under the scorching sun tired and thirsty, I kept walking and clicking on the way. Sometimes aimless wandering does wonders to you.


That’s me on Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur… opposite Petronas.

There are 2 -3 huge mirrors on the wall of a building just opposite famous Petronas. I have always managed to click a photo whenever I pass through them. Looking into a mirror ? Have you heard of women traits ? 😛

And if you are staring the photo to know how I look like, I am not to be blamed if there is so much of writing on the wall mirror. And on top of it, I have watermarked just there on the photo !
Very mean. I know. 😀

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7 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall

  1. Oh yes I defintely like this blog.. and will surly forward this to all my mates… loved coming here and reading a few of your articles the journeys you have taken …

    Wish I could do that anytime of the day it would be so much fun …
    .-= Bikram´s last [post] ..My Father… =-.

  2. Bikram,
    Welcome to my site and thanks for appreciating this.

    Now that you have seen this, I hope to see you more often. 🙂

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