Mosquito coils or incense sticks ?

Picture of the moment: Mosquito coils or Incense sticks
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While visiting a Chinese temple in Malaysia I saw these hanging spirals. They looked like temple bells. But they were glowing and emanating strong fragrance.
Me being myself; my first reaction was “oh, so many mosquito coils! “. 😀

But they were something else.

incense sticks in malaysia

Incense spirals

incense sticks in malaysia

Incense coils

This was the first time I had ever seen hanging incense coils.

Have you come across a similar situation due to a pre conceived notion ? 🙂
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11 thoughts on “Mosquito coils or incense sticks ?

  1. @Arvi,
    No, I didn’t buy any. Two reasons.
    1) I didn’t know the language.
    2) I can not carry home all the things that I see or like abroad. Photos are the best way to preserve & show things.

    Mosquito coils. .. 😀

  2. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. Actually, in Asians countries, there are many cultures and every culture connect each other with incense sticks I mean in the worships incense sticks is a common thing. I am Indian and I know the value and respect of these incense. Keep posting such wonderful post….

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