My upcoming solo backpacking trip

Some of you are aware that I am going on a 48 days solo backpacking trip to 2 countries…. Two countries where language will be a big barrier. And I am going totally unprepared. A few months back I had booked just the to & fro air tickets and did nothing else after that.
And the time has come now.

After a few days in first country, I will be heading towards neighbouring country overland. This is interesting. Flying into any of the city there can get you a 30 day tourist visa at the airport itself but if you cross the border otherwise, you’ll get only 15 days visa on arrival.

My train will cross border at midnight. I am wondering if the immigration people will wake me up to see my visa papers (like they did when I was crossing into Italy) or wait till next stop which will be in that country. Will the train stop there long enough for visa papers to be made or do I have to get it done at my destination further down ? How do I show that I have enough finances to stay in that country? Will credit cards do?

Thousands of such queries and I am totally blank at this moment. Initially I tried to find out but lack of proper info & time made me chuck it. So, I have not enquired anything and will take it as it comes. On the spot decisions. 😀

As I write this, it is actually giving me goose bumps. I knew it was coming but since last 2 months I have been extremely busy in something else. So much so that I didn’t even have time to check what places I should visit there, let alone advance booking or checking with someone for some tips or guidance or getting visa here itself.

I have travelled solo umpteen no. of times to different countries but that was different. I was always received & sent off at the airports, taken to my place of stay by colleagues, friends or relatives and taken care of everything that I might need there.
It was Merc or Toyota cabs and luxurious hotels or apartments. I was accompanied or guided on local transports, routes, eating places, shops etc till I became confident of handling them myself.

This trip is different. Right from leaving my house (V is away with his work) I will be on my own till I fly back to my country.

But these are not the reasons for my goose bumps.
If you ask me, I am not excited about this trip at this very moment. Why ?

I am not keeping too well for last two months; have been visiting various doctors and going through physiotherapy sessions for different symptoms. I am on medications and will have to carry a bagful of them with me.
I have been advised not to lift even one kg of weight.

But I want to do the trip. There are other things also attached to it. I was looking forward to a solo backpacking and this is the time. This is the time to test myself. This is the time to know my weaknesses and strengths.
This is the time to test my temperament, patience, courage, confidence and of course will power to check physical fitness which, at present, is quite low.

Only my husband V knows about my dates and adventurous itinerary. He is very supportive of my decision though I can sense his anxiety. Others, including my child, will not allow me if we tell them. 😀

If you want to know more on this, don’t hesitate to shoot a mail or contact me.
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9 thoughts on “My upcoming solo backpacking trip”

  1. I cannot wait to hear more about your solo backpacking trip. You will definitely be in my prayers and thoughts as you make this journey!! It sounds momentous- also, I do hope for good health throughout your trip- new adventures- new insights!!!

    My only wish is that I could have been with you 🙂

  2. Anjuli,
    Oh thanks for your wishes. I would have loved your company and guidance especially to these two countries.

    Keep reading and you’ll get to know how I am taking it.

  3. Celine,
    Happy Holi to you too. For me Holi didn’t happen this year.

    About my backpack ? Will write about it. Let me also see what rubbish I am carrying. 😛

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