One more reason to visit Malaysia

Wherever I go, markets are one of the places I like to visit. Besides window shopping and souvenir shopping I get to see the plethora of things which interest me…. people and their behavior, food, culture, infrastructure and what not.

I have visited different kinds of markets in various countries and they do tell us a lot about the place. Not only regular markets, the sales during festivals also excite me. No, I am not a shopaholic but like to visits malls just to see the things on offer.

shopping in malaysia

Beautiful lanterns on sale.

And it is here again! The festive season. YES. In Malaysia they do it in style. Did you know that, apart from the so many beautiful and exotic places to visit in Malaysia, there is yet another reason to be in this country this winter and every winter?

The Year End Sale is back with great discounts and duty free too! This is an event called 1Malaysia (Read one-Malaysia) Year End Sale (YES). This is held in the whole of Malaysia from November to the following year 1st January! This year the festival has already commenced on 10th November. The start date almost coincides with Deepawali, which is also celebrated with much fanfare in Malaysia!

This is one of the eagerly awaited phenomena by the Malaysians. Irresistible bargains & promotions are in the offing. If you are checking for electronics, will you believe that it is cheaper than Singapore?

shopping in malaysia

Times Square during sales.

Once you are thoroughly exhausted and done with your shopping with Clothes, Souvenirs, Electronics, Branded stuff, and so on, you can relax and enjoy the Food Festival that runs in conjunction in most places at various dates. With this Malaysia has evinced its intention to be also a Foodie place. The food festival aims to promote the three major types of cuisines, Malay, Chinese and Indian.

One can not only taste the food here, but also watch the Chinese chefs sculpting vegetables as part of Culinary Art. I can hardly wait to see these.

These events are held under the auspices of Tourism Ministry. So gals, what are you waiting for, grab your Spouses/ Friends/ Partners credit card and rush!

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6 thoughts on “One more reason to visit Malaysia”

  1. Hi Nisha,

    Your Blog is very inspiring and keeps me motivated to travel more.

    Thank you for writing soo many interesting anecdotes.

    I was planning to travel to Broneo side of Malasia – Sarawak, Sabah and Borneo in Mid March. Not sure how to go about it, should I book it through a travel agent or are they better ways to go about it?

    Also checked the flight tickets which are really cheap, as we are well in advance. We are 2 girls travelling alone so safety is also a concern.

    I hope you can help us through this.


  2. Hi Hemal,

    Thanks for your kind words.
    I have copied your comments in this post so my other readers can also see it. Don’t worry your mail-id isn’t visible to others. 🙂

    First, glad that you plan to go to Malaysia. The best time to go to Sabah, Sarawak is June-July.

    You can plan your travel yourself, no need to go thru travel agents. Book your tickets and apply for a tourist visa. I do not approach travel agents for even a visa. 🙂

    Malaysia is safe for women travellers. All boards/directions are clearly marked.
    In cities people do understand English. If not, approach any local Tamilian… they definitely speak English. 😀

    Feel free if you have any other query. I may be late in responding but I do reply. 😀

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