Only 2 Ringgit, Madam !

Come to Malacca, and the first thing you’ll notice is them. Trishaws.
Lots of them.

So, it was Malacca. Time around 10 PM and we were taking an after dinner stroll. The tranquil river Malacca was looking at its best like a beautiful bride with colorful lights decorating it. Very far in the background we could see giant ‘Eye of Malacca‘ taking a rest for a while.

In this small UNESCO heritage town, the traffic was reduced to minimal at this hour.
The bridge, the main junction and the streets were very brightly lit. So much so that the street lights and other focus lights seemed to emanate a strange serene feeling. The beautiful red buildings had coloured the atmosphere red.

And then I saw him.

Going back home after a hard day’s work, heads down and pulling his Trishaw. Seeing us on the streets, he called out to know whether we would like to go for a ride.

No, thank you“. We two were better off strolling, slowly absorbing the aroma of the place.

Only RM 60. Muzik muzik.” He spoke in broken English and stretched his hand to play music for us.

No, thank you but can I take a picture of yours?

Only 2 Ringgit, madam“. There he was in the dead of a night, not losing an opportunity to make money. I quite liked the way he made an instant demand. 🙂

Malaysian currency is Ringgit Malaysian (RM) or MYR pronounced as Rinngie (रिंग्गी). The locals also call it Malaysian dollar. 🙂

And this is Trishaw. Colourful, interesting and entertaining. Heavily decorated with plastic flowers, teddy bears, dolls and suchlikes.

At the back there is a large battery, something similar to car battery which helps playing the music system at a very loud volume and illuminating the Trishaw at night. There is also a small wooden cabinet to keep Trishaw puller’s personal belongings like hat, water bottle etc.

Generally the songs are latest popular English numbers and sometimes Bollywood Hindi songs as well.

The rates are RM 40-60 per hour per Trishaw and the music is free !
They prefer to move in a group playing melodious music and hearing that from a distance you can tell they are on a ride. 😛

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15 thoughts on “Only 2 Ringgit, Madam !

  1. Hi Nisha! Just a short visit to drop by and see your beautiful pictures. But Malacca without the «Famosa» is not Malacca… ;))

    Blogtrotter is now at Santa’s Homeland, an anticipated gift before Christmas 😉 Enjoy and have a great week!

  2. Zhu,
    The reason you gave is very humane. 🙂

    These rickshaw are very common in India also but still there are certain places here, where instead of front wheel we have the puller himself running !!
    That’s aghast, I must say. And I wonder why doesn’t anyone object to such inhumanity.

  3. Mark,
    Yes, they are all over the place and at night emanate a very serene feeling. 🙂

    Pins N Ashes & Arun,
    Welcome on this blog.
    Yeah they are full of life.

  4. So far, I only used one, in Vietnam. Somehow, I felt more ashamed than anything else… sitting there behind the sweating guy. But then, this is also a way of making some income…

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