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I first saw her at the bus stop. I was waiting at Cameron Highlands for my bus. She had come with her three kids. While the kids started playing, she hid behind a wall.
Her face and hair were quite intriguing and I was really not able to look the other way. I wanted to capture her in my camera. She nodded yes, and this is what I got. Just one shot.

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Orang Asli is a generic Malaysian term used for a local tribe. The name “Orang Asli” means “original people” or “first people”. They all live on the Peninsular of Malaysia. Around 60% of Orang Asli people still live in the rain forest. And that is why you can see them in plenty in Taman Negara region. Rest live along or near the coast. Some of the Orang Asli groups speak languages that suggest a historical link with the indigenous peoples in Burma, Thailand and Indo-China.

Officially, there are 18 Orang Asli tribes are classified into three groups.
– Senoi
– Orang Malayu Asli
– Negrito

The name “Negrito” suggests, that these people come from East Africa or Papua New Guinea. They also have a little dark skin and frizzy hair. Other groups of the Orang Asli are more light skinned and have straight hair.
The Negrito’s mostly live in the jungles. They are the semi-nomadic tribes of the Orang Asli. Their forefathers were also hunters who lived in caves and rock shelters. They knew the use of fire and cooked their food with the aid of crude instruments made from stone. They also hunted for food and fruits as well as forest products for medical use.

P.S.- Did you see the similarity between Asli and original? 😀

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