Random travel related rants – III

I found 2 pieces of scribblings in my notepad; one written during my trip and one a week after I landed here. I have to publish them before it is too late. I’ve merged the both hoping it still makes some sense to people who are intently following this blog.

Attention new readers, please go through part I & part II before reading this.

• After a few days of backpacking, you don’t bother if your clothes are ironed or not.
• You don’t need to bring expensive lingerie; they get washed with other clothes in laundry.
• Thai girls are beautiful and fashion conscious.
• Do you think I am enjoying? I think I am. 🙂
• I wish V was here. Not that I am missing him but I need someone to carry my bags. Every other thing is permissible but I should have at least avoided buying that large 3 piece wooden wall mount. He should not get an impression that I’ve come here for shopping.
• I want to have Gulab Jamun* right now here on this island. Even hot juicy Jalebi will do.
• Indians do not have very good impression and I am working my bit to change it.
• It was not funny to freak out when I saw that frog in bathroom. Being a mother myself, I should have behaved like a grown up instead of jumping up & down.
• The other day V sent me an urgent message asking where the TV remote was. Best part is, I am deep into my traveling in Thailand and he has been watching cricket matches all this time in India till he lost it that day !
I had to literally guide him all the places where he could have left it including in the fridge !

——- After coming home.
• I was surprised to see V’s open mouth when I asked him (within 6 hours of my landing) if we could plan for 3-4 countries in east Europe for forthcoming summer.
Poor guy. He doesn’t even have hair on his head to pull them. 😀
• I was given a title of ‘liberated’ woman by a fellow Canadian woman traveler. She is a friend on Facebook now.
• Speaking of Facebook, months back someone added me on it, I had reciprocated then and today, after so many months, he was asking “aap kaun ho (who are you)?”. Early awakening I must say.
• I have regained lost inches around my waist… … with interest. 😛

Jalebi, Gulab Jamun = Indian sweets
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12 thoughts on “Random travel related rants – III

  1. So funny! I loved all your rants- each and every one of them made me smile. I especially loved the after your trip response from your hubby when you started planning ‘another’ adventure- ha ha!!! Oh me!!! Tooo hilarious!!
    .-= anjuli´s last [post] ..Tolerance? =-.

  2. MagicEye,
    Keep reading. The details are coming in bit & pieces. 🙂

    Hee hee …

    I had landed at around 1 at night and reached home after another one hour. Next morning first thing I did was to ask this question.
    Tell me, what was wrong in doing that ?
    He just couldn’t say anything. Probably he was too amazed at my intelligent planning? 😛
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Random travel related rants – III =-.

  3. Funny post!
    I agree with one thing.. Indians generally do not have a good impression in Southeast Asia. They are well known as “litter bugs” – throwing garbage everywhere. It’s so irritating to see that.
    Our rudeness and unsmiling faces are also well known!
    .-= neeraj´s last [post] ..Happy Mother’s Day! =-.

  4. Sad we don’t leave behind a good impression no matter where we travel!:(

    Tho must admit my travels have thus far not seen too many complaints from lands where I been to. Perhaps they get daunted by Mee, suits mee:)

    If I understood your yearning for Gulab jamuns and juicy jalebis- it happens to me all the while- if I have been away from India for over 4 days- my god I start cold turkeying for food one would get only in India! I look out and go to places Indian only for food in foreign countries:) Helps keep me level headed and in balance:)
    .-= Mee´s last [post] ..Impossibly green and alive – Meghalaya =-.

  5. Celine,
    Some shopping is inevitable. Grant me permission for at least souvenirs yaar. 🙂

    I have been reading you all this while. Surely we’ll make it one day from solo to dolo….. 😛

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