Shopping festival in Malaysia

Have you heard of shopping festivals around the world? I am sure you would have heard of Dubai shopping festival or Istanbul shopping festival which attract thousands of tourists every year.

When I reached Malaysia a few days back, I was so happy to come here now. Like any other international shopping festivals, Malaysia also has one. It starts in late November and goes on till 31st December or 1st week of January. What more! The festival is not restricted to one city or town… it is spread across every single inch of land of this beautiful country!
The Malaysian shopping festival is a very popular fair all round the world among the international tourists and they throng it during the shopping festival.

The Malaysian shopping festival can be enjoyed three times in a year. You can come here during March, July-August and December to participate in the shopping festival. It is famous as the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival (MMSC).
This year’s MMSC’s theme was “Malaysia Your Shopping Oasis” from July 4 to August 31, and it had Middle Eastern flavour. It had various events based on the Middle-East concept and awards were given to shopping malls and retailers who decorated their premises according to the theme. It is such a craze here !

You can see decorated malls and streets with so many promotions and discounts. The international brands offer discounts that are rarely available during the year.
So when you plan to come to Malaysia, plan your trip during the shopping festival there. And I am pretty sure, you’ll thank me. 😀

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