14 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands

  1. Mridula,
    Those are roofs made of asbestos sheets of houses in the village down.

    Magiceye, Ajeya,
    Thank you.

    Sometimes people also call me a travel freak. 😀

    Quality wise the picture isn’t good since there was no sun but it does give you a calming effect.

  2. I love these pictures- they bring back such great memories. Cameron Highlands and Frasier hill were two of my favorite places to go. Cameron Highlands doesn’t look like it has changed very much- that is wonderful!! Are the tea plantations still very prevalent there?

  3. Anjuli,
    Some memories can never die. Even I am going to remember this place. Willing to go there again. 🙂

    I have some more photos of the place, will post them slowly.

    Yes, they still are. 🙂

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