Eye on Malacca

Inspired by London Eye, Eye On Malaysia is a 60 meter tall, world’s largest portable observation wheel with 42 gondolas, situated at Kota Laksamana near the mouth of Melaka River.


This is how it looks on a bright day

In just 12 minutes ride of 4 rounds, you get an opportunity of capturing the 20 KMs area of breathtaking view of Malacca city and its surroundings .

Out of 42 air-conditioned gondolas, except one, all can hold upto 8 persons. The remaining last one is VIP gondola and comes with plush leather seats, mini fridge, DVD player, Plasma TV etc and for a whopping price of RM 200 per person for 4 persons.


And at night …..

It operates from 10 AM till midnight.
For more pictures of the sky check at Skywatch Friday.

19 thoughts on “Eye on Malacca

  1. Hi Nisha,
    I’m here after a long time and nice to catch up on your blog. Thank you for sharing this lovely sky shots, and have a wonderful day.

  2. Pat,
    Yes, it was amazing feeling.

    Welcome again. Hope you are enjoying your break in US.

    My favourite too. 🙂

  3. well, for some reason i didn’t find the london eye view very exciting, not sure if it was because the view ws clouded with rain and grey or if it was something else… i hope this one is more spectacular…

  4. Hi Nisha! Hopefully the view from the gondola will be wonderful!!

    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, which has an astonishing display of works of art by contemporary artists in the streets of Bilbao for you to enjoy. Have a great week!

  5. wow- it sounds amazing- the price is pretty steep, but then I guess if you divide it among 4 people it will be 50 ringgit per person….ouch…that is still steep!! But then maybe the experience is priceless and worth the cost.

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