Swine Flu, go away !


A simple way to shoo away the deadly…

At the time of our travel to Malaysia, everywhere it was Swine Flu doing its job of scaring people. At KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) there were doctors to do any needful. On the road we could see few people wearing masks for precaution.

But what we also saw was a very noble & simple way of taking precautionary measures. Bottles of hand sanitizer were kept at different public places such as airport, shopping malls, hotels…..to reach to common man. People were encouraged to use it free of cost.

These are simple, educative & cost effective ways to promote awareness and prevent a major epidemic. And they neither need govt.’s permission nor depend on it to take that small step.

It is all in attitude. I always wonder, why can’t we in India think of such ways. I have not seen a single place doing this or similar thing, not even in hospitals.

Have you ?

12 thoughts on “Swine Flu, go away !

  1. Hobo,
    I agree.

    That’s good. I wonder why can’t hospitals (being health related place) have them.

    Ha Ha Ha… 😀
    That’s reception of a hotel where we had stayed for a night and I think THAT was to hold some complaint/suggestion cards for Polis?

    Must say your observation is excellent.

    And once again this month too you are leading. 😛

  2. There are hand sanitizers available just about everywhere these days in Ottawa: private buildings, administrations, work, outdoor events…

    I guess it help, but I’d rather wash my hands with soap and water.

  3. One of the best bits of advice I was given when travelling was to keep washing your hands and keep them clean. I think that has greatly helped in avoiding illness in most of my travels. I think the Malaysian authorities have done a good job encouraging people in this way.

  4. I think it’s starting to catch on but there is too much emphasis on swine flu, which relatively kills very few people annually. Keeping the immune system strong is an ongoing process, but eating lots of fruit, vegetables, exercise and good hygiene. Hand sanitizer right before a flight is a only one way to prevent illness when traveling.

  5. There’s a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that Western governments purposely used scare tactics to get people paranoid about swine flu (which is not THAT serious)… this was done to get rid of their stockpiles of flu vaccines for which they had spent millions of dollars to purchase from pharma companies.

    It’s interesting how these days we don’t hear much of swine flu as much as we did a few months ago. Now people are saying, “it’s not that bad”. Hmmm…

    In the end, it is pharma companies that benefit the most from things like “swine flu”, “bird flu”, SARS etc.

  6. You never think about this sort of thing until someone points it out like this. brilliant ideas are floating around out there; all you need is someone to grab ‘em. Great find!

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