The things I am carrying

Celine has asked me what my backpack contains for this 48 days, 2 country solo trip.

Here is what I am taking with me. Since it’s backpacking, I am keeping things to minimum. (*wink*)

I am always very proud that being a woman, I can adorn many kind of dresses but when it comes to carry them on your back, I wish I was a guy. Just a few T-shirts & 2-3 shorts/jeans would have done. Compared to that, see what all I am carrying. 🙁

1. Jeans =1
2. Cargo pants =2 (One full, one 3/4th) of light material meaning they need to be washed frequently.
3. Capri = 1
4. T-shirts / tops =7
5. Casual skirt & top = 1 set
6. Beach dress =1
7. Scarf =1
8. Cap =1
9. Socks =7 pairs
10. Undergarments = 6 sets
11. Night dress =1 set
12. Waterproof thin jacket
10. Lightweight Bedsheet =1 (Believe me, it comes handy in many ways)
11. Thin towels =2 (One large, one face). In many budget hotels they don’t provide towel & toiletries.

Gadgets etc.
1. Mini-Laptop & accessories
2. Camera & accessories
3. Cell phone & charger
4. Universal adapter
5. 8 GB Pen drive
6. Extra batteries for camera, SD card, data cable etc etc etc.
7. Headphones, mike for voice chat

Other travel stuff
1. Rucksack =1
2. Book =1 novel by Alistair Maclean
3. 2-3 small notepads to scribble
4. A few maps & guides
5. Wallet =2 (you’ll be stupid if you ask me the reason)
6. Small waterproof pouch with shoulder strap which can contain passport, money, camera, cellphone etc.
7. Sun shades/specs =2
8. Passport sized photographs
9. Combination Padlocks =2
10. 2 SIM cards for 2 countries (incoming is free, I just have to give a missed call back home)
11. Wash bag including 2 packing cubes for toiletries and other items
12. Multi purpose German knife =1 (it’s real sharp. God forbid, if I ever have to use it then only God can save the victim). It’s another thing that the knife is always in the bottom of my backpack.
13. small scissors, nail-cutter, hair-pins, safety pins.. (all to come handy in case of emergency)
14. A pouch containing hair bands, hair clips etc and some other girly items.
15. A big pouch to carry my medicines. To avoid getting harassed at customs for smuggling drugs, I am also carrying doc’s prescriptions. 😛
16. An assortment of clove, cardamom etc, Polo…
17. A few sickness bags ( I have a habit of throwing up when I am surrounded by beautiful mountains. 🙂 )
18. Knee braces, wrist bands (don’t ask me why but I need them)
19. Shoes = 1 pair
20. Flipflops =1 pair
21. Handbag =1 (Large enough to carry my laptop, 1 set of dress, toiletry pouch, some medicines, passport/papers, novel, cap, 500 ml water bottle, tissues, sunshades, hand lotion, blah blah blah…. you get the picture….)

In addition to this, a comfort kit by Air-asia. The kit contains a thin blanket, eye masks, neck pillow and a sling bag to carry them.

A few more things but I am tired of typing now. 😀

If you need to know more on this, comment section is all yours. Or else don’t hesitate to shoot a mail or contact me.

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15 thoughts on “The things I am carrying

  1. // Passport sized photographs, Knee caps, wrist bands, An assortment of clove, cardamom etc, Polo… // … interesting things ….

    Two SIM cards with Incoming free… how and where did u get them? in India itself or from those resp countries? … ha haa .. i’m planning a trip to the same two countries by may end … so it might come handy (the knowledge abt these SIM cards & the deal)

  2. Ram,
    I got them in India. Check They take Rs 5000 deposit for each SIM card. But rules for each country differs.

    Very prompt service and they do home delivery of cards. Copy of address proof and front side of credit card is reqd.

    if you want more details,shoot me a mail.

  3. Anjuli,
    Thank you but I’ll agree with your statement only after my trip is over. 🙂

    Yup ! I flew Air-Asia. I saved a few thousand bucks by doing so. Don’t forget it’s budget trip after all. 🙂

    I was in Trivandrum.
    My bag? Don’t ask. Though half the items go in my handbag, still it’s too heavy for me.

    And I have not mentioned all the items here.

  4. Zhu,
    This is the first time I am carrying laptop. I hate carrying heavy stuff.

    Flip-flops…. I guess I could have done without my shoes this time. 🙂

  5. Neeraj,
    Now Air-asia is starting flights from Mumbai too. Yayy !!

    But then traveling to Trivandrum got me experience of one more town in south India. That was bonus for me and I consider Feb 26th as my first day of this trip. 🙂

    And I am looking forward to your next adventure. I read somewhere… Were you in Mumbai in Feb ?

  6. Nisha,
    How do you manage to escape the airport security with your German knife? If detected it would be a problem, especially if you are not “checking in” baggage, or do you?

    In my case I generally do not carry a laptop when I go backpacking. I strongly believe in the adage: the lighter, the better. So after reading the above, is my guess that your bag weighs around 12-15 kgs correct?

    PS: There’s an error in the link about me asking you.
    .-= Celine´s last [post] ..SWF: Sunset in the Himalayas =-.

  7. MagicEye,
    It was nearly 15 Kgs in all though I could dump a few things before leaving for Thailand.. 🙂

    I am not a fool. I had checked it in. 🙂

    Only this time I carried a laptop since I was going to be away for long without any permanent location in a new country. All my family members (both sides) were eager to know my whereabouts. Otherwise I also do not carry these gadgets except my camera.

    Yes, my bag was around 15 Kgs.
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Teh Tarik =-.

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