Time to go to Malaysia

What do you do?”
I travel.
Oh, nice meeting you. I eat & I drink.” said a food & wine critic.

That’s how our conversation started yesterday. We were at the press conference “Visit Malaysia 2014” by Malaysia Tourism. Malaysia is celebrating its 4th Visit Malaysia year. This is the biggest & grandest ever tourism celebration with more than 200 events lined up to welcome the world by Malaysia.

malaysian couples @lemonicks.com

Malaysian couples in traditional costumes

To me, Malaysia is that one country in Asia which best fits to its tagline “Malaysia Truly Asia“. Its diversity of culture, food, heritage and wildlife tells us all. From being the world’s favourite shopping destination, to favourable wedding & honeymoon destination, one can be assured of a perfect custom made holiday.

Having visited Malaysia umpteen times I can surely vouch for it. In fact, I am more familiar with airports in KL than with my own city airport. My friends tease me often saying I am more knowledgeable about Malaysia than India. 🙂

Malaysia is shopper’s paradise with special shopping festival which starts in the month of November & goes on till 31st December or 1st week of January & is spread across the whole country! I have written about it here. If you don’t know, there is a Shoe festival as well!

isha gupta @lemonicks.com

Actor Isha Gupta unveiling the tourism booklet with Dato Mirza Taiyab.

It is very unfortunate that this press conference happened at wrong moment, the major chunk of questions were about the missing plane #MH370 and less about what Malaysia has to offer.
To be frank, I found these questions very stupid & uncalled for. It is an unfortunate incident which could have happened anywhere with any airlines. One incident like this doesn’t make a place bad.

I will still go to Malaysia and I will still fly Malaysian Airlines.

Tourism Malaysia’s Director General Yg Bhg.Dato’ Mirza Mohammad Taiyab answered all questions patiently & diligently. He mentioned about how Indian tourist market has grown over the years and they are planning to grow worldwide. He apprised about the three month long food festival divided into four segments… The Malaysian International Gourmet Festival, The Asian Food Heritage Trail, the Street Food Festival and the Restaurant Food Festival.

I am now eagerly waiting to go there and walk on the streets, have Malaysian cuisine and shop till I drop. 🙂

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