Towards colorful days…

In my last two posts I have been giving you hints of my travel. And now here I am, sitting in Malaysia…. enjoying the tropical weather and ah lots of colors on the streets.

It was 1AM when I hit the bed on the day I landed here. The next afternoon till late evening went into visiting malls and shopping till they closed the shops.
Next day I had a bit of sore throat and headache. Still I went to meet a friend in another part of the city and we enjoyed the hospitality of a French boulangerie.

Since yesterday I am down with fever, running nose & eyes and a very sore throat. Probably it is the aftereffect of moving around in buses under hot sun in Trichy. I detest sitting at home like this. One would like to utilize every single day when one is abroad, isn’t it?

I had not used my other camera in last two days and now it has suddenly decided to have a beauty spot ! I cleaned, I changed the lens but no use. I think the sensor has the spot.

Anyway, I am looking forward to more bright and colorful days and will soon be over cloud nine. 🙂
For more brighter skies, have a look at Skywatch.

8 thoughts on “Towards colorful days…

  1. Avanish,
    Thank you.

    Travel is a passion for me. If you read “About me” here (which in any case is crying for an update… many more things happened), you’ll come to know that it’s my weakness also. 😀

    And I think people can do anything for their weakness. 😛

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