Trip of a lifetime

I was requested to write an article on “My trip of a lifetime” for CLAY (Club Mahindra And You) for their trip of a lifetime contest. I hurriedly penned down some experiences and the story was published on their website after our trip to Sikkim. As luck would have it, I forgot to mention about it here.

Since I am travelling right now, what better could be than to give my readers a taste of that experience.

Alor setar railway station

Alor Setar railway station.

…. … Having stalked, surrounded and shoved by 8 taximen when I landed just after dark wasn’t going to be a good thing to start with. I had three fully packed pieces of luggage… one backpack, one large shoulder cum handbag which contained my laptop, camera, medicines, important papers and other necessities and one bag full of shopping goodies from Thailand. Yes, I was a fool to buy those artifacts.

I was looking for a modest nice motel/hotel to stay. The spot I was standing was supposed to be a busy market place, yet it was so deserted. Except a 7-eleven shop, all others had pulled the shutters down.

I started walking on the street looking for someone who could understand English and guide me. I reached a place where there was a bus stop and then there were some taximen. On this side some office buildings stood and on other side was another shopping mall which was dead by that time.

Here is the link, if you want to read the article in full.
Please opine your views on how or what you feel about it. I am waiting here. 😀

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5 thoughts on “Trip of a lifetime

  1. Arti,
    Well, it’s a small place. 🙂

    Yes scary but this is all part of travel. 🙂

    If you go thru my earlier posts which I wrote during this trip, you’d know that I was carrying a sharp German knife for self defense. 😀
    It is another thing I have not used it till now.

    Also, Malaysia behaves differently when women are concerned. 🙂

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