Water, water !!

When we go out of our house even for a few hours, the most common thing that we need first, is water. I generally carry a bottle of water with me but it is not always possible. This is more true if we are out to a different place or country.
Nevertheless, albeit small, daily we end up spending a few bucks on mineral water alone.

Like any other country, in Malaysia one can get a variety of mineral water starting from RM 2.20 upwards (Malaysian mineral water bought in a food bazaar kind of place) to RM 4.00 upwards (such as Evian) for a 1 litre bottle.

But no worries, you can save on this as well. There are plenty of water dispensers on the roads, outside residential buildings, near bus stops, railway stations etc. from where you can refill your water bottle for RM 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 or RM 1.00 depending on your requirement/bottle size.

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Water dispenser at a bus stop.

I have been to many countries but I have not seen this concept as very popular. Mostly, what you can find is, some taps or water jets/fountains to drink free water. Refilling of mineral water for a few cents is something different.

Advantages :-
There is no wastage of water by any way.
Since people pay for it they know value of money & water.
The govt. earns a small amount out of it which helps in maintaining these machines.

Do you think we can have similar thing in India ? I don’t think so. The other day I read, some miscreants took away the ATM machine with hard cash of around 12.50 lakhs right under the nose of bank employees.

Note:– From time to time, I will be writing such small tips on all aspects of traveling. Keep reading.

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8 thoughts on “Water, water !!

  1. We went to KL and Penang but somehow I think we missed these dispensers in Dec 2008. We did not travel by bus or train, maybe that is the reason.
    I do not think it can be successful in India as we hardly have dispensing machines in public places. To prevent them from being damaged there needs to be somebody looking after them 24 hrs, it defeats the purpose.

  2. Abhi,
    Sure. 🙂

    You tend to miss them unless you are walking on the roads. Penang is full of these machines.

    Yes, it’s not possible in India. My reasons are different though. We Indians are too self-centered and selfish. We think of our gain and not the society’s or country’s.
    It’s a debatable issue, some other time. 🙂

  3. What a cool idea. You save on plastic and dispense pure water. We do have such dispensers in malls, hospitals and movie theaters with a glass chained to them. The place around is usually dirty, so I stay away from them.

  4. Wow, that is really unique! I have been to Malaysia before but couldn’t roam around much because I came down with food poisoning. This is truly quite innovative.

  5. wow how intriguing!!! Actually a great concept which does teach people the value of the water they are drinking.

    I’m loving your travels.

  6. Never seen that anywhere else… and it’s such a smart solution! I spend my time buying water bottles in China and Latin America and I hate wasting so much plastic.

    Plus, some are refilled…

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