I want to fly again!

Its that time of the year again!

The heat and humidity here is enough to extract their toll on your energy. I am in a continued state of inelegance when at home. 😉

I see from my window that there is no contention any more for the free parking lot :). Its mine for the next 2 months. I quickly realize that more and more people have gone for their annual, customary, ritualistic, mandatory trip to their respective home town or to a hill station. Some of the more adventurous types would head to the forests; no doubt wild life interests them. A few rich, nouveau riche and also the not so rich head abroad.

sky of Philippines @lemonicks.com

Flying over Philippines. What’s that cicular thing on right? 🙂

Well, who would not want to go to Europe? Increasingly Indian tourists are traveling to lesser known destinations and enjoying cheap holidays in Greece, Turkey and Italy. All these are much cheaper than going to the run of the mill UK, France etc.
So I believe the Great Indian Traveler has been born!

And, ahem ahem, I am already planning my own little trip abroad. Not a place which people travel during peak summer.

Of course there are people who say “When you like your work every day is a holiday.”

I, for one, fully agree since my work is to travel round the globe. 😉

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9 thoughts on “I want to fly again!

  1. Where will you be traveling to? hmmm… a place you would not necessarily go to during the summer- so is it a hotter clime?

    Although I like a little warmth and humidity- too much heat and humidity makes me feel like a limp noodle 🙁

  2. @Connie,
    Don’t be a limp noodle please. Be something else.

    I prefer train journeys but when you have to fly, you have to fly. 🙂

    Road trip doesn’t suit me especially if it is thru mountains. I am very good at throwing up at the sight of beautiful mountains. 😛

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