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I have been to many, many cities across the world but haven’t seen so many malls in a single city of the size of Manila. And when we talk about Mall of Asia (MOA), then we are talking about something really big!

MOA manila

I went to the bay side and then started walking along it before entering the actual building complex. Roadside food joints playing music, giant ferries wheel (Mall of Asia Eye) and such greeted me on a drizzling day.

I entered the complex from entertainment mall. It is a two-story complex, most of which is open-air, and faces Manila Bay. Latest movies, concerts and all entertainment channels await for you here. This is one of the four buildings interconnected by walkways; the other three being the main mall, and the north and south car park buildings.

MOA manila

MOA manila

MOA manila

The main mall includes shopping and dining areas and the food courts. You name it, the mall has it! Philippines’s first Olympic-sized ice skating rink, biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia where you can witness ice hockey or figure skating on regular basis, tempts you no end.

MOA manila

Do you know MOA (Mall of Asia) was the largest shopping mall in Asia when it opened in 2006? Now it is at 3rd position, behind two other malls from Manila itself! With a land area of 42 hectares, floor area of approx. 406,962 sq meters, this mall attracts a daily average foot traffic of about 200,000 people. The mall’s 5,000 parking spaces are divided across two, six-story parking buildings known as the north and south parking buildings.

MOA manila

There is so much to see & explore in this mall, one full day isn’t’ enough and I must admit I have not even touched the surface.

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