First Impression of Manila

We reached Manila and the first impression of the city was something like this….

Clarke airport

Low cost airport at Clarke Field, 2 hours drive from the city.

1. The city has heavy American influence.
2. Locals can understand & speak English better than people of Thailand and Malaysia.
3. The houses are big but closer to each other than in the USA. These days most of the houses are all decked up, many of them like malls, for Christmas.
4. The cars are big as well… of which around 70-75% are SUVs. The garage of our hosts has three… one each of Honda, BMW and Toyota. (…and a space for fourth…)
5. The airport is small, probably because this is not the regular international airport. Will see the regular one on return journey.
6. Jeepney, evolved from World war II jeeps are used as shared taxis. More Jeepney are seen on the road than cars. Saw an air-conditioned one at the airport.
7. Most common dress among women is shorts and a T-shirt. Housewives, college students, young kids… they all wear them.
8. Weather is like Mumbai.
9. Crowded, poverty and dirty…. you’ll not miss India.
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19 thoughts on “First Impression of Manila

  1. hey Nisha, thrilled to hear ur in Philippines… not many seem to head there from India (unless on work)…

    the jeepney’s would give the shared jeeps we have in india a run for their money no? i do hope ur stops include boracay, and cebu…. gorgeous waters!!! have fun!

  2. N,
    Yup, people generally don’t go to Philippines unless paid for. The country is an island and one has to take the air route unlike other south east asian countries which can be visited overland once you are in the region.
    Can you believe its almost a week and I haven’t visited any beaches in this country ? 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Nisha :)))

    Really loved your last statement ‘you don’t miss India’….it is so funny. Most places are like India besides some developed countries.

  4. What it has been great catching up on your blog- how exciting!! So glad I’m back amongst your loyal and faithful readers 🙂

  5. Hi,

    It’s fascinating how you enumerate your impression about Manila and the Philippines. I do that often when I travel. I’ve always been wondering what Indian travelers think about my country since I do a bit of that with India (I’ve a love-hate affair with your country and have visited it “yearly” since 2008. I complain a lot but I find myself coming back quite often enough, one Indian immigration actually said, “I don’t think you’re here for a holiday. You are doing business.” LOL

    That’s a nice piece about Manila. Unfortunately, when I am in India, I feel like I’m light years away from home.

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