Off to Philippines….

I am at the airport right now.
Finally I am off to Philippines. I will be celebrating my Christmas holidays and the new year in the Philippines. I heard it’s a lovely place. Let me go and verify. 😛

And to tell you behind the scene (blog) activity… I got visa only 2 days back, all because of bad planning on part of my travel agent. Damn !
So, no prior hotel bookings, no planned activities as such. We’ll cross the bridge when it comes. This time V is accompanying, so for a change I will have a human company. 🙂

Someone asked me how many countries I have visited so far. So, for those of you who have interest in numbers, this will probably be my 21st or 22nd country. I will have to count.

I am carrying my laptop, so will try to blog sometime. More than here, as usual smaller details will get reflected on my Facebook and Twitter.
Keep watching and be generous…. make your presence felt on this site. 🙂

In the end,

Wish you all a very Happy & prosperous new year !!

See you all in new year.

15 thoughts on “Off to Philippines….

  1. Hey Nisha,

    All the best for phillipines trip, have heard it has beautiful islands, am sure you would come back with some dope. I hope i can travel there atleast on business soon.

  2. Trotter,
    Ha Ha…Yes, Egypt too.

    Yeah, even I have heard so but so far not able to visit any. Halfthe time it’s because of continuous rains. 🙁

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