Rice terraces of Philippines

Picture of the moment: Rice terraces of Philippines.
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Rice terraces are common throughout Asia but nowhere are they as spectacular as in the rugged mountains of northern Luzon of Philippines.
The Batad Rice Terraces are 2000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. The rice terraces are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. The Batad Rice Terraces are inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

rice terrace @lemonicks.com

Do you really think it’s easy to climb these terraces?

It is commonly thought that the terraces were built with minimal equipment, largely by hands. The terraces are located approximately 5000 feet above sea level and cover 10,360 square kilometers of mountainside.
rice terrace @lemonicks.com

View from our window. Yes, in spite of incessant rains we hiked it all. 😀

Location: Batad, Philippines.

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17 thoughts on “Rice terraces of Philippines

  1. rice padis are amazing – and most amazing in terrace form! I used to love walking through the rice fields in Japan- and in Nepal- these terraces in the Philippines are spectacular.

  2. wow… super duper
    we tried so hard to include Luzon on our trip but couldn’t
    cant wait for Philippine beach entries if you already been there

  3. I am a travel blogger from the Philippines too and wished still that I can conquer this awesome place. I live down south of the country so it is kinda hard for me to travel up north for this awesome wonder.

    I love your shots for this rice terraces! Cheers!

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