Video of rowing to Pagsanjan Waterfall

Don’t miss this video if you really want to enjoy the real feel of rowing.
As I said earlier Rowing to Pagsanjan waterfalls at Laguna bay is much more fun than standing under it.

Just to give you a background, it was a rainy, cloudy day with sudden burst of showers every now & then. Not at all a good day for camera. But whenever it was possible, I took it out. You can see droplets on camera lens though I kept wiping it. Not a good habit.
Our canoe was attached to a motorized canoe which already had some more canoes & so our boat train ‘chugged’ forward. After 4 Kms, rapids started and we could not go further smoothly. So all canoes were unhitched and the pedaling started. There were at least 10 rapids in last 2 Kms.

On the way, locals come in boat (floating shops) & try to sell some snacks. We also saw a tax collector on a floating platform who dutifully kept record of boats entering the arena and collecting taxes, since this area is protected by the environment department.
You can read the detailed article here.
Here is a compiled version of video. The length is 6:25 minutes (the original is more than 20 minutes), but you can relax & enjoy. It’s a weekend ! 😀

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