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Dear ASEANita,

I hope you remember me. We have travelled together so many times in the past. Remember the first time we travelled from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur? I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was Air Asia’s very first flight from Mumbai.
I was bowled over by the service and quality of the aircraft. My love for you grew with time and it can be seen by the fact that I have a pictorial link of you on the sidebar of my blog since that day. Earlier it was Air Asia icon. 🙂

First I want to show you a very interesting video about ASEAN community. See it yourself and decide.

Though I’ve traveled across many countries in five continents, Southeast Asia has its own place in my heart. I have always loved going to ASEAN countries again and again.
It is not only inexpensive, but also rich in culture, nature, friendly people and cuisine. As a traveller and blogger who does not live in ASEAN countries, I am proud to say that I have been to five of them … not just as a tourist but as a messenger of peace, prosperity, culture and knowledge to the whole world.

apsara dancer


I have volunteered in Cambodia and Thailand before, and I loved being there. My knowledge of local culture and people grew manifold. I believe in people-to-people connectivity, learning and respecting each other. I am happy to say that I could inspire some people among who read about my experiences and followed suit.

Social media played a big part in sharing my experiences while I was there, and that is why I feel that we can use social media to further expose people to the rich culture present in ASEAN countries, who would otherwise have never read/seen anything about it.
It was because of my detailed insight on my blog about Malaysia that I was invited to speak on a topic in MITBCA in Kuala Lumpur last year. It was because of my blog that I was invited to Spain to experience its heritage cities.



In my opinion, bloggers have a very important role to play to promote a place, cause or an ideology. Being a blogger means having a louder and influential voice. ABCF 2013, with the theme “Reinventing the Spirit of Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia” is a welcome opportunity for bloggers like me. I like to participate in such events since I get to meet many bloggers from different parts of the world and share our experiences and knowledge. And yes, I get to travel more. 😛

Having said that, travelling, writing and blogging is all about having fun, but not at the expense of the social responsibility we have towards the local people and society. It is our goal as bloggers to share our experiences with other people through the written word, about the vision that ASEAN community has for the future.
This festival will give me an opportunity to spread the word for making this community more tourist friendly and to bring a social change in terms of self reliance and prosperity as I have been doing in the past. I also wish to volunteer in Indonesia one day so that, through my blog, I can inspire other people to do the same.

And in the end, I’ll thank you ASEANita if you provide me an opportunity to travel with you again. I have travelled with you enough, now it’s time for you to hold my finger and take me along. 🙂

Yours sincerely,

P.S.- I have included few photos from each of the country of ASEAN community I have visited. 🙂

putra jaya


james bond island


marina bay sands


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  1. Awesome photos.

    I liked the post in a letter form. Very unique and interesting way of writing a blog. 🙂

    Way to go.

  2. I have been reading your blog and your in depth posts about these countries are of great help to plan our holidays. Remember I had asked you some details before going to Thailand. 🙂

    Your guidance helped me in many ways. my wife sends you her wishes.

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