Have you ever been to Bangkok?

Have you ever been to Bangkok? Whatever I say about having visited Thailand several times, the fact remains that I have not been to Bangkok even once !

Not that I don’t want to go there, it’s a beautiful place and the capital of Thailand. There are several Mumbai Bangkok flights which can take me directly to the City of Angels. Somehow it was always missed out from my plan which most of the time is impromptu.

sun tan in thailand @lemonicks.com

I was told and am aware that life in Bangkok is very different from other cities of Thailand. It has commercialized way too much to enjoy the real town. I always try to soak myself in local flavor and at one time thought the city would disappoint me.
Once I was in Delhi and heading out to south-east, I prepared myself on spending a few days at Bangkok before I take my onward journey. But Delhi Bangkok flight was very expensive at that time. I had to drop the idea thinking it was a signal which echoed my reservations for the city. Much later I realized I was looking at Emirates airlines flights which would have taken me first to middle east and then to south-east ! 😛

Have you tried such an option for your travels?

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